Catacombs Rome, only five are open for visits.

There are only five Catacombs in Rome that are open to the public. They can only be visited by means of a guided tour, which takes about 30 minutes. All five are closed one day per week and one month out of the year. The admission price is 8 Euros per person.

Catacombs Rome

  • Catacombs of Saint Agnes – Via Nomentana, 349 – 00162 Rome – Sunday momings on Monday afternoons closed – Phone: +39 068610840
  • Catacombs of Priscilla – Via Salaria, 430 – 00199 Rome – Mondays closed – Phone: +39 0686206272
  • Catacombs of Domitilla – Via delle Sette Chiese, 282/0 00147 Rome – Tuesdays closed – +39 065135461
  • Catacombs of Saint Sebastian – Via Appia Antica, 136 00179 Rome – Sundays closed – +39 067843745
  • Catacombs of Saint Callixtus – Via Appia Antica, 126 00179 Rome (closed on Wednesdays) +39 065130151

On January 1st, Easter and December 25th the Catacombs are also closed.

The opening hours of the Catacombs of Saint Agnes are 9-12am and 4-6pm, whereas the other ones are open from 9-12am and from 2-4pm.

The Pontifical Commission of Sacred Archaeology is in charge of visits to the other catacombs. Their ofice is in the Via Napoleone III, 1 00185 Rome (Phone: +39 064465610  +39 064465610 ; e-mail: Generally speaking only archaeologists are allowed to visit these catacombs.

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