Villa di Plinio in Castel Fusano

The Villa di Plinio is an ancient Roman villa in Castel Fusano, outside Rome. It is also known by the name Villa della Palombara.

Villa di Plinio Rome

Visiting the Villa di Plinio in Castel Fusano

Address: Viale della Villa di Plinio – Castel Fusano. Telephone: (+39) 060608. Opening hours: Tours are organized by so-called cultural associations. The hours depend on the schedules of these organizations. Admission: 4 Euros (3 Euros concessions) + the cost of the tour. Reservations for the months of January, February and March start on September 14th, reservations for April, May and June start on December 14th, etc.

History and description

The Villa di Plinio complex was excavated in the year 1713. It is located near the border between the Castel Porziano estate and the Castel Fusano park and was owned by Plinio the Younger (61-114 A.D.), as is known from a letter he wrote to his friend Gallo.

The villa was built in three different stages the last of which around 50 years after Plinio‘s death. The most important part of the villa lies at about 500 meters from the beach. It is a quadriportico that can be approached by going underneath an arch made of laterizio (Roman brick). Two circles of columns formed the peristyle. In the center of the garden was a tub.

A black and white mosaic reperesenting Neptune on a cart pulled by two hippopotamuses decorates the first room of the thermal area.

Viale della Villa di Plinio – Castel Fusano

Bus: 06, 014, 064, 066, 070 (stop: Colombo/Villa Plinio)

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