Caput Lucis – Fireworks in Valmontone (September 7-11, 2011)

Valmontone Caput Lucis 2011

Between September 7 and September 11, 2011 the community of Valmontone in the Province of Roma will be the background for the 8th edition of the annual Caput Lucis, a fireworks festival (Photo © Comune di Valmontone) that includes the World Championship for 2011.

Valmontone Caput Lucis 2011The event, which is sponsored and hosted by Valmontone’s famous Fashion District Outlet, starts September 11 with a concert by the Italian Cinema Ensemble. Every night there will be 2 pyrotechnical shows and the winner will receive the title “Caput Lucis 2011“.


Residents of Valmontone get free admission to the opening evening of the event, while a ticket for the other nights will cost 10 Euros per evening.

Valmontone is also famous for its Fashion District Outlet and its recently opened Theme Park, the Rainbow Magic Land.


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