Campoli Appennino (Frosinone province)

Campoli Appennino is a small town in the province of Frosinone in the south of Lazio. It is 30kms from the city of Frosinone and about 100 kms east of Rome, in the middle of the mountains. The number of inhabitants is less than two thousand.

Campoli Appennino travel guide

If you have to visit Campoli Appennino, city of bears and truffles (as their own home page will have it), it is best to do this when the annual Truffle fair takes place (November 16 and 17 and November 23 and 24 for its 5th edition in 2013).

From the Piazza Umberto I it is possible to see the Area Faunistica dell’Orso Bruno Marsicano, a 15 hectare valley where a number of bears are allowed to roam.

Tourist Attractions Campoli Appennino

  • Nero‘s Aqueduct.
  • The ancient city walls.
  • A 25m tall medieval tower, considered to be the principal tourist attraction of Campoli Appennino.
  • Church of Sant’Andrea Apostolo: Medieval in origin, restored according to a more baroque style in the 17th century .
  • Church of San Pancrazio Martire (1594).

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