Campo Marzio District Rome

Spanish Steps Rome

The Campo Marzio district is the 4th rione of Rome and also one of the city’s most central neighborhoods, with major tourist attractions such as the Spanish Steps and the Piazza del Popolo within its borders.

Campo Marzio District Rome

During the Middle Ages it was the most densely populated quarter of the city. At present it is a lot smaller than after the division by the Emperor August and is bordered by the Tiber, the Quirinal hill in the north and the Capitoline Hill.

Campo Marzio was originally dedicated to Mars, the God of war, and military exercises were often held in the area. Lucius Tarquinius Superbus, the last of the seven kings of Rome, later cultivated grain there, but in the Republican era Mars was again came to be venerated in the rione.

At the time, the Campo Marzio was located outside what used to be the city limits of Rome and therefore some temples for eastern gods can also be found here. Rome’s first amphitheater (of Statilius Taurus) was built in what used to be Campo Marzio and so were the Pantheon and the Ara Pacis.

Other monuments still standing are Augustus’ Mausoleum and a stadium built by Domitian which was later turned into Piazza Navona and is nowadays part of the rione Parione.

Campo Marzio district Rome

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