Calcata travel guide

Calcata is a small town, located on a hill at the eastern point of the national park Parco Naturale Regionale Valle del Treja.

Calcata travel guide


The origins of the village can be found in prehistoric times and in the surrounding area many finds show that the area was already inhabited in the early Etruscan period.

The name Calcata itself does not appear in any document before the Papacy of Hadrian I, towards the end of the 8th century.

Later, the noble and influential Anguillara family came to possess most of the area around Calcata.

In the past years Calcata has become an artist’s refuge for people from all over the world.

Tourist Attractions Calcata

  • Both the city walls around Calcata and the 13th century Castello Baronale were built by the Anguillara family.
  • The Church of the SS. Nome di Gesù
  • The Church of San Giovanni Decollato is has been transformed into the Museo di Arte Contadina (Museum of Agricultural Art).
  • Collegiata dei SS. Cornelio e Cipriano

Tourist Attractions near Calcata

  • The above-mentioned Parco Naturale Regionale Valle del Treja has a small museum on its grounds. it is called the Museo d’Arte nella Natura (Museum of Art in Nature) and the works of art displayed have been made exclusively with natural materials found in the surrounding woods.

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