Bike sharing in Rome

Bike sharing

Bike sharing in Rome is an initiative, that was started several years ago and at the moment is run by ATAC, Rome’s public transportation company. (Note that at the moment the initiative has been discontinued.)

Bike sharing Rome

How does it work?

Visit one of the ATAC offices in Rome and buy an ATAC Bikesharing Card. The cost is 5 Euros and you have to start with a minimal amount of 5 Euros as well. You can charge it for as much as you want to. The actual cost of renting the bicycles is just 0,50 Euro per 30 minutes (or fraction thereof). The bikes may be rented 24/7 but not for longer than 24 hours to one individual person.

Where are the ATAC-offices?

The main offices can be found at Termini (on the main bus square in front of the station) and at the Spagna and Lepanto underground stations.

Are there penalties in case of, e.g. theft?

In case the bicycle is stolen you will be charged 250 Euros. In case you keep the bike for longer than officially permitted, you will pay a fixed penalty of 10 Euros, plus an extra 5 Euros per hour over the limit. In case you abandon the bike without calling ATAC (+39 0657003) this will set you back 30 Euro.

Where can the bicycles be found?:

At the following stops: Via del Corso, 1 (Piazza del Popolo side)|Piazza Madonna di Loreto (Piazza Venezia)|Piazza del Parlamento|Piazza Colonna|Piazza di Spagna|Largo delle Stimmate (Argentina)|Piazza delle Cinque Lune (Piazza Navona)|Via Santa Caterina da Siena (Pantheon)|Piazza del Biscione (Campo de’ Fiori)|Piazza San Silvestro|Piazza Sforza Cesarini|Via della Panetteria (Via del Tritone)|Piazza Sant’Andrea della Valle|Vicolo della Campana (via della Scrofa)|Largo Arenula|Piazza dell’Oratorio|Via di Santa Maria in Via (Fontana di Trevi)|Piazza dell’Oro|Via dei Pontefici

Is there a bikesharing website?

No, not anymore. For more information we recommend that you call ATAC (+39 0657003) or the general information number of the city of Rome (+39 060606). Here, at least in theory, you will be able to ask your question in one of six languages.

Bike sharing news

The latest news about bikesharing is unfortunately not good news. The Italian newspaper La Repubblica has done the rounds of the bikesharing stops inthe center and did not find even one with available bicycles. (August 23, 2011)

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