Beba Do Samba Live Music Club

The Live music club Beba do Samba was started almost 20 years ago by 4 young Romans and has since become an important staple of the musical diet of the inhabitants of, and visitors to, the San Lorenzo neighbourhood in Rome.

Beba do Samba Rome

Address: Via dei Messapi, 8 – Rome.
Phone: +39 340 695 3499.

History and description

Although the accent of the venue is on Brazilian music, over the years there have been concerts of any kind of music, from Italian singer-songwriters to punk to jazz and anything in-between.

The club is furnished in a rather peculiar way: Out of principle the owners have only used recycled furniture.

One of the main reasons for visiting Beba do Samba, however, is its long list of cocktails, prepared with expert hands and using only the freshest of fruit, the Fica d’India, according to the owners being the best (or the most delicious AND malicious) one.

Beba do Samba is a cultural association. Admission is free, but the annual membership card (bring a valid ID if you’ve never been here before) costs 5 Euros.

Beba do Samba, Roma

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