Bassano Romano (province of Viterbo)

Bassano Romano is a small town in the province of Viterbo, north of Rome. The town center still looks medieval and its picturesque main square is surrounded by a number of historically interesting buildings.

Bassano Romano (province of Viterbo) travel guide

To drive from Rome to Bassano Romano you either take the SS2bis (Via Cassia) or the SS493.

Tourist Attractions Bassano Romano

  • The Maria Santissima Assunta is an 18th century Romanesque church. Of the original facade only the bell-tower is left.
  • The Palazzo Giustiniani-Odescalchi is also located in the main square.
  • At the end of the Via Maria Giustiniani stands the church of San Filippo Neri, which was constructed by order of Cardinal Benedetto Giustiniani (1635).
  • The Church of San Gratiliano Martire is located out of the immediate town center. It used to be in the countryside, but because of the city’s expansion, it is now the center of a garden.
  • The 16th century church of San Vincenzo, now Santuario del Volto di Gesù.

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