Palazzo dei Congressi Rome

The Palazzo dei Congressi in Rome is one of the most interesting buildings that were constructed for the 1942 Esposizione Universale di Roma that, although it was never held,  gave its name to the district of EUR.

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Palazzo Capranica Rome

The Palazzo Capranica is a historical building in the center of Rome. It is located just north of the Pantheon and near the Church of Santa Maria Maddalena. The palazzo, nowadays used as a congress center and (sometimes) concert hall, was constructed by Carlo Buratti. It is one of very few 15th century buildings left in Rome.

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Roman Aquarium and House of Architecture Rome

The Acquario Romano (“Roman Aquarium“) is located in the center of a small park in the Esquilino district in Rome. It was built towards the end of the 19th century in a style typical of the period, called Umbertino, after the then king of Italy. Originally an aquarium, the building has held several functions during the time of its existence. At the moment it is the seat of the Casa dell’Architettura (“House of Architecture“).

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Palazzo Brancaccio Rome

The Palazzo Bracaccio in Rome , which used to house the National Museum of Oriental Art, used to be owned by the New York socialite Mary Elizabeth Bradhurst Field, whose daughter was married to Prince Salvatore Brancaccio. She had bought it off the city of Rome in 1879.

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Villino Hüffer Rome

The Villino Hüffer is a historical building in the Via Nazionale in Rome. The palace can be seen to the left of the Palazzo delle Esposizioni. It is the present seat of the Historical Archives of the Banca d’Italia. The bank acquired the building in 2001 and also had it restored. Most of the rooms still have the original decorations.

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Palazzo degli Anguillara Rome

The Torre degli Anguillara can be seen next to the Palazzo degli Anguillara in the Piazza Sonnino in the district of Trastevere in Rome. A plaque on one of its walls misleadingly refers to the building as the Casa di Dante.

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