Arch of Janus Rome

Arch of Janus in Rome

The Arch of Janus is located nearby the Chiesa di San Giorgio al Velabro and the Arco degli Argentari in Rome .

Arch of Janus Rome

History and description

Arch of Janus in Rome
Arch of Janus

Though it is now known as the Arch of Janus (Arco di Giano) it is really the ancient Arco dei Costantini.

The arch consists of 4 pillars, of which the outsides are embellished with statues in niches. Minerva and Ceres were sculpted in a standing position, whereas Roma and Juno are sitting down.

During the middle ages fragments of inscription on the upper side of the arch were transported to the San Giorgio al Velabro Church. The barely legible inscriptions testify that the monument was probably dedicated to either Constantine or Constant II.

Opening hours

A protective gate surrounds the Arch of Janus, which can therefore only be viewed from outside.




The Arco di Giano is located next to the Chiesa di San Giorgio al Velabro and the Arco degli Argentari. The address is Via del Velabro, snc. Public transport: Bus: 81, 85, 87, 160, 160F, 628, 715, 810, C3.

Arch of Janus – Via del Velabro, Rome

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