Apripista – Festival of Contemporary Circus (2012)

On Saturday 14 April 2012 the second edition of the Apripista Festival of Contemporary Circus (Festival del Circo Contemporaneo) is inaugurated with the tightrope walker Didier Pasquette crossing the river Tiber on a steel cable. This will take place at 8 PM, right after the official inauguration, which will be celebrated with brief excerpts of the shows of the performers of the BurenCirque group, and will be free to visit.

Apripista contemporary circus festival 2012

The circus tent is put up near the Ponte della Musica, a new pedestrian bridge, that was recently inaugurated.

The Apripista Festival will last until April 22 and will therefore coincide exactly with the settimana della cultura (culture week), during which most of Rome’s civic museums will offer free admission.

The performers include BurenCirque, who will present a show called North/South including two tightrope walkers, a puppet master, a contortionist and music by the singer Hawa Sissao (Burkino Faso). Apart from the inauguration the Burencirque will also perform on April 15, 16, 17 and 18.

The other company giving acte de presence is called Un Loup Pour L’Homme, who will perform on April 21 and 22. Four acrobats will present a show called Face Nord.

The Festival is held in a special tent on the banks of the river Tiber, near the Ponte della Musica (Lungotevere Flaminio – Piazza Gentile da Fabriano). The inaugural spectacle is free and will take place at 8 PM. The other performances will all take place at 9 PM. The cost is 20 Euros (concessions 12 Euros).

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