Acuto is a small mountain village (around 2000 inhabitants) near the town of Anagni in the province of Frosinone south of Rome. The name derives from the shape of the mountain it is built on.

Acuto city guide

Though Acuto is supposed to have been founded by inhabitants of Anagni trying to escape an invasion, in reality the site was already inhabited in pre-Roman times.

The most important tourist attraction of this mainly agricultural community is the medieval castle in the center of Acuto.

Acuto tourist attractions and other landmarks

  • Santa Maria di Acuto: It used to contain an 18th century wooden statue of Santa Maria di Acuto, now in the Palazzo Venezia in Rome. In the years between 1861 and 1873 the church was restored and adorned with a bas-relief depicting an eagle (symbolizing the royal family) attacking a crow (symbolizing the church).
  • 8th Century Church of Saint Peter
  • Church of Saint Sebastian
  • Church of Saint Mary Magdalene (a former lazaret)
  • Museo della Santa Maria de Mattias (Corso Umberto I, Tel. 077556006).
  • City Gates
  • Outside Acuto: the National Park “Cesa Rotonda”

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