Acquafondata is a small town (around 300 inhabitants) at about 130 km from Rome in the province of Frosinone. it is located in a small valley between the Monti Aquilone and the Monna Acquafondata Hills in the center of a green area.

Acquafondata travel guide

Being about 1000 m above sea level, it is famous for its healthy mountain air.

The first settlements known at the site date back to the year 1019, when the Counts of Venafro had a castle built, which was later was sold to the Abbey of Montecassino. It was not until 1806 that the name Acqua Fondata was first (officially) used.

After the unification of Italy the area was known to be heavily populated by bandits (briganti) and during World War II many battles were fought here, that finally resulted in an almost complete destruction of the town.

The town is also known for its artisans specialized in the making of the zampogna, a sort of bagpipe, mainly├é  used in the southern part of Italy and in Sicily.

Acquafondata tourist attractions and other landmarks

  • Several monuments in memory of (also French and Polish) soldiers who gave their lives in order to liberate Acquafondata during World War II.
  • Church of Santa Maria, or really, its ruins.
  • Church of the Madonna del Carmelo: This church gets its name from the apparition of the Madonna del Carmelo to a woman working the fields.
  • Church of San Giovanni Battista
  • Church of San Rocco (17th century).
  • Ruins of the 14th century castles of Acquafondata and Casalcassinese.
  • Plant and tree nursery.

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